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Kaiser Hot Spring

Enjoy a beautiful desert hike through towering Cactus and a richly colored canyon to a remote Sonoran soaking experience that most travelers pass over.

kaiser hot springs cactus hike


This spring is in an amazing setting which makes up for its rather small size accomodating about 3 people. The water rushes diagonally upwards from a 2 inch pvc pipe drilled into the rock. Full sun exposure makes this spot ideal for spring, winter, or fall soaking.

Kaiser hot springs pool

Cholla forest

Tip: Hike further down the canyon about 1/4 mile and you will find a beautiful desert stream. The geology of this area is fascinating, and at the confluence resides one of the more interesting outhouses I have seen nestled among a grove of Cholla Cactus.

kaiser hot springs cholla forest


Let loose. Clothing is purely optional at these remote springs.


From the North (Kingman). Take I-40 E out of Kingman for 17 mile then follow 93 South for about 48 miles. You will cross a bridge over one very deep canyon. park just before the smaller bridge. Hike down the canyon for about one and a half miles to the spring and cooler rivers.

Kaiser hot springs parking

From the South (Phoenix). Take 93 N from Wickenburg AZ, 63 miles. You will pass the Burro Creek campground. Pull off on a dirt road immediatly after crossing the smaller bridge.This road curves back under the bridge for a nice shaded area.



Burro Creek Campground is about 5 miles away.